About Rick…

I started out as a child, at a very early age. When I was young, my parents moved around a lot, but I always managed to find them again… My name is Wattman, like electricity. I’m a 100-watt kid — I’m very bright. That’s why my daddy calls me son. (“I got a million of ’em!”)

Rick WattmanI’m the oldest child of an oldest son and an oldest daughter, and the oldest grandchild on both sides of the family. But I don’t feel old; in fact I’m occasionally surprised when I see photos of myself: Who is that old, balding guy? Perhaps my wife keeps me young—at heart.

I strive to have a childlike faith, trusting completely in my God, to provide and to guide, and to someday welcome me into His presence, not because of anything I have done, but because He lavished me with His grace and called me out of the pit of death and despair into the Kingdom of His glorious light and hope.

Read my personal faith story.

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