2015 Benefit Dinner & Silent Auction

Benefit-buckslip-ancWe are once again planning the details for our 2015 Benefit Dinner and Silent Auction. It will be held May 2, at Grace Church in Eden Prairie, MN. If you will be in the Twin Cities at that time, I encourage you to plan to attend. Here’s a good reason to make a reservation: 

Our keynote speaker, J. Warner Wallace, has a captivating presentation. Interestingly, he also points to the evidence which demonstrates the truth of the New Testament accounts. His first book, Cold-Case Christianity, “provides readers with ten principles of cold case investigations and utilizes these principles to examine the reliability of the Gospel eyewitness accounts.” How does a homicide detective approach a crime scene and determine what happened? How can we apply this approach to analyze the accounts in the Gospels? I had the pleasure to hear him speak recently, and I encourage you: DO NOT miss this opportunity. He is entertaining, enlightening, and encouraging!

J. Warner Wallace is a retired cold-case homicide detective. He’s a tough cop with a no-nonsense approach to truth, and he has a heart for people who have been misled about the case for Christianity. His case work has been featured on national television, examining evidence and resolving crimes long thought to be unsolvable. His Web site, coldcasechristianity.com, explains that Wallace

was a conscientious and vocal atheist through his undergraduate and graduate work in Design and Architecture (CSULB and UCLA); he always considered himself to be an “evidentialist”. His experience in law enforcement only served to strengthen his conviction that truth is tied directly to evidence. But at the age of thirty-five, J. Warner took a serious and expansive look at the evidence for the Christian Worldview and determined that Christianity was demonstrably true. After becoming a Christ follower in 1996, Jim continued to take an evidential approach to truth as he examined the Christian worldview. He eventually earned a Master’s Degree in Theological Studies from Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary. [Empahsis added.]

I am confident you will enjoy hearing his approach to evaluating the evidence for the Gospel accounts, and the Christian worldview. If you’re planning to attend, let me know—perhaps we can sit together.

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