The Arrogance of Faith?

Walk with me as I think “out loud” about this vast question.*

*This post is being written over the course of several days weeks months as my thoughts congeal. It is being liberally edited and rewritten as new thoughts, ideas, verses, reactions, and experiences come into my life. It may end up being a ramble, or too long for anybody to read or care about. I’m primarily doing it for my benefit as I work out a biblical understanding of what I have been seeing and experiencing lately. Thanks for bearing with me…

It takes a certain amount of arrogance to suggest that faith in Jesus is all you need. Who am I (or anyone else) to assert that I (or they) know enough to tell anyone else what to do with their lives?

After all, I have limited experience with life, and I certainly have enough struggles of my own, in spite of my professed faith and my supposed dependence on God. Shouldn’t my life be perfectly together if God is all He’s cracked up to be? Continue reading

More Good News!!

Surprised by Faith, 3d edition

Surprised by Faith, 3d edition

Almost two years ago, I wrote about the joy I share when I hear—either directly or indirectly—from people who have been impacted by our ministry and the resources we produce (see “Sharing in the Joy!“, from March 1, 2013). I have recently been blessed again to hear some amazing accounts.

One of them starts out like a love story, but you may not be “surprised” how it ends.  Continue reading

“Like Us on Facebook!”


“Like” us on Facebook®

It’s an almost ubiquitous tagline for marketing and social networking. “Everybody’s” doing it. “Word-of-mouth” has taken on new meaning as people share with others their online preferences and discoveries. “Going viral” has become the new gold standard for success in marketing. This powerful strategy is coming into play in ministry as well, and in the coming months, FaithSearch will be testing these waters. You can play an important role in helping us reach even more people with the Gospel with evidence. Continue reading

Happy New Year!

Well, FaithSearch made it through the hubbub of the holidays, and have rounded the corner into a new year. Everything goes back to “normal,” whatever that is.

New FaithSearch Web site

New FaithSearch Web site

In the past month, we have made some changes here at FaithSearch. Working with an outside contractor, we have created a new online resource center. It is the first step in entirely renovating our online presence. Stay tuned for some significant upgrades.

For now, our ministry resources are available in a more streamlined shopping experience. Giving to FaithSearch online is now easier than ever, allowing you to clearly choose a ministry project, a field of ministry, or to support and learn about each individual staff member. Continue reading