A New Year Every Day

By Rick Wattman
January 1993

HAPPY NEW YEAR! What are your New Year’s resolutions for 1993?”

It is a safe greeting this time of year—no religious or political strings attached, and no hidden agendas. What’s more, nobody ever expects you to take the question seriously: no accountability is required later in the year to prove you have kept your resolve.

What’s the fuss? I find myself rather detached from the celebration of the arrival of 1993 (or the new millenium, or any new year). I’m not sure why this year should be any different from others: I’ve never paid much attention to the resolution ritual. On the other hand, I see nothing wrong with the practice.

Nonetheless I was compelled to consider the custom after hearing a report that fully 75 per cent of all New Year’s resolutions are broken by January 7. A widespread sign of very little resolve, wouldn’t you say? Continue reading