Binary Choices: 000000

My thinking process gravitated to and was influenced by a class in propositional logic, which I took in ninth grade. The underlying assumption/proposition is that a thing cannot be both true and not true. For example, a thing cannot be both black AND not-black; white AND not-white.

That puts me to thinking whenever I hear statements which fly in the face of this fundamental concept. In my role as director of communications, I’m sensitive to being sure that the messages I manage are internally consistent; that they faithfully and accurately promote the “brand”; and that they logically make sense. Continue reading

Elise Navidad YouTube Channel

I have been busy building a YouTube channel! It features my music and that of my musical friends.

Dad said, “It’s fun and entertaining (if a proud papa can say so himself)–it is certainly a creative venture.” Thank you!

Check it out and let me know what you think. What’s YOUR favorite?