2017 Christmas letter

Back to Banff: Reliving their epic “ROAD TRIP!” from 2015, Rick and Judy returned to Banff National Park, and environs, in Canada.

Emptier Nest

Rick and Judy even managed to attend a Vikings game this year 
at the new US Bank stadium, site of 
Super Bowl LII in 2018.**

After dabbling in fits and starts through various iterations over the past half decade of an “empty (or nearly) nest,” Rick and Judy experienced the first full year completely on their own in 2017—the first year since 1990 and the advent of kids, that is! We still have frequent contact with our girls and their men (We LOVE it and them!) but we no longer have anyone else living with us.*

Elise’s” room is now the “guest room,” and “Anna’s” room is now the “office.” They both still have things here in storage (after all, RICK still has things at his mom’s house!) but all that is tucked away out of sight.

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Phinally Phantom!

Judy and Rick marked a musical milestone: They joined the throngs who have seen The Phantom of the Opera. Already the longest running show in Broadway history, its current touring incarnation visited Minneapolis recently.

We are glad we went. We were also slightly alarmed that we weren’t all that impressed. What? It’s a cultural phenomenon. The aforementioned Broadway show is in itself a tourist destination; it’s one of the things you “should see” when you’re in New York. Did we miss something? Was it an off night? Was it a case of “the emperor’s new clothes”? What’s wrong with us? Continue reading