On a more personal note…

Fall Color

Fall Color

Some who read this may not be in Minnesota. Whether you are or not, no doubt you recognize the change of seasons: It’s starting to be fall here. The trees are beginning to exhibit LOTS of color (AHHHHHHH!) and there is a chill in the air at night. This is absolutely my FAVORITE season of the year.

This past weekend, Judy and I experienced parents weekend at the University of Minnesota with our younger daughter Anna. We walked all over the campus and enjoyed seeing things, some old, some new, some gone. (The building in which I worked after attending the U, Wesbrook Hall, is simply no longer there.) Continue reading

Monthly blogging…

Perhaps I should be lowering the bar… My intention to update this blog in three quick spurts EACH WEEK seems to be exceedingly beyond what I can accomplish! It made sense, at some point, that I would provide a personal update, a ministry update, and a prayer/support-raising update. These three areas of my ministry here seem the natural dividing lines but alas, I’ve barely been able to make time for one update in a month! Gasp!!!

Hmmm, only one person has brought this dearth of details to my attention. Is anybody else reading this?

I guess that should be the first prayer request: that I find time more faithfully to communicate what’s going on here. And there is a LOT going on, hence my full days have prevented me from taking time to reflect on, er, my full days. 🙂

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